The Adventure.

My name is Rolf Schierbeek and I am born and living in Holland. I am a seasoned, spiced and curried traveller; who likes Japanese gardens, Asian culture, historic cities and ... travel. My favorite things to do on holiday is bicycle and motorbike riding. I have been bicycling around old cities like Mandalay (9 km distance; hot and no shade), Chiang Mai (6,5 km; short, quick and shady) and Ankor Thom (12km; long laterite walls between the jungle).

Apart from many bicycle rides in rather remote locations I have done a lot of motorbike riding on many different types of motorcycles, from a small Honda Wave to offroad dirt-bikes to large motorcyles.

I'm interested in colonial history and have spent a considerable time in India; and I have also been to Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, the United States, France and a few other countries. I'm also interested Buddhism and Hinduism; as reflected in the temples of Angkor Wat.

On the Shwesandaw temple, Bagan.


Myanmar / Burma.

I first visited Myanmar in 2009; and it was one of the most fascinating countries I ever saw as most people who travel there can imagine. It was clear to me that the international boycott had made Myanmar a very poor country where ordinary people suffered most but the elite rulers prospered. In 2010 I created the Myanmar website because of a few reasons - the myths and misunderstandings being the most important ones. Myths about which currency to take, travel myths and misunderstandings; etc. etc.

Myanmar is actually a country with many different ethnic groups: in the central area the Bamar (the majority), in the east the Shan, in the North the Kachin, the Karen in the South-east and so on. Though a few opposition groups still prefer to use "Burma"; my experience is that the majority of inhabitants prefer the name "Myanmar". Also to call the country Burma would imply that minority groups are irrelevant.


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