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list of money exchange counters

Last update: Feb 23, 2018

List of foreign currency exchanges (FOREX) in Myanmar.

Since 2014 there are many money exchange counters throughout towns in Myanmar. They will change Euro, US-dollar and Singapore dollars to Kyat and vice versa. Since 2013 there are ATMs but you will find out that is is smart to bring some cash money - if only as a backup. And notice that changing cash can be done without commission at quite good rates in most towns and villages in Myanmar; and thus the exchange of cash is always a better deal than using an ATM.
    Myanmar bank name abbreviations:
  • AGD Bank = Asia Green Development Bank
  • AYA Bank = Ayeyarwady Bank
  • CB Bank   = Co-operative Bank
  • KBZ Bank = Kanbawza Bank
  • MAB Bank = Myanma Apex Bank
  • MEB Bank = Myanma Economic Bank
  • MCB Bank = Myanmar Citizens Bank
The main banks with exchange desks and international ATMs are the KBZ Bank, AGD Bank and the CB Bank. KBZ or Kanbawza Bank is the largest bank and has the most ATMs and exchange desks; they have probably more ATMs than the AGD Bank and the CB Bank together (though CB Bank will double its number of ATMs in 2017). There are no major international banks in Myanmar at the moment (2018), except ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) bank and a few Thai and Chinese banks.

Note: You need your passport (or a copy of it) at the exchange counters. All banks are closed on weekends, some exchange counters are open. When leaving Myanmar change Kyats to US-dollars or to Euro in Yangon airport BEFORE going through customs.

At all border towns Thai baht can be exchanged. This is also possible in Yangon but not elsewhere.

Down here is the ATM - Location list

Airport exchange counters (everyday service, limited hours)

  • Yangon Airport : KBZ bank, AGD bank and other exchange counters; 6 ATMs *)
  • Mandalay Airport : Six currency exchange counters and a few ATMs.
  • Heho Airport (Inle lake): CB Bank and AYA Bank exchange counter and 1 ATM.
  • Nyaung-U Airport (Bagan): Four Money Exchange counters and 3 ATMs.


Yangon Money exchange

  • AGD Money Exchange at Myanmar Shopping Mall, 143-149, Sule Pagoda Road.
  • Bogyoke Aung San Market: several counters (opened: 9:30AM to 5:30PM closed on Monday)
  • Thein Phyu Money Changer Center (TPMCC), TheinByu Rd. (Mon-Fri)
  • CB Bank, 101, Ground Flr, Sakura Tower, Bogyoke Aung San Road.
  • CB Bank (Co-operative bank), corner of 23rd st. and Strand. (ATM)
  • CB bank, Maha Bandoola rd. No-797, corner of Bo Aung Kyaw st. (ATM)
  • CB Bank, Botahtaung Pagoda Street No 191 (Tue - Sun)
  • Farmer Money Changer head office, No.187, Bo Myat Tun Street, Botahtaung. Opened from 7:30AM to 9:00PM
  • Farmer Money Changer at the Shwedagon Pagoda. (West Gateway)
  • Farmer Money Changer at Chatrium Hotel
  • Farmer Money Changer, Dagon Shopping Center.
  • Farmer Media Corner, Sule Pagoda Road (near Sakura Tower)
  • Junction Square Shopping Mall, CB Bank, corner of Pyay rd and Kyundaw st.
  • KBZ Bank exchange counter, Bank st.
  • Myanmar Shopping Mall exchange counter, 143-149, Sule Pagoda Rd


Mandalay Money exchange

    Money exchange in Mandalay around the station
  • AYA Bank, between 77th and 78th, Corner of 30th Street. (ATM)
  • AYA Bank, 78th st. opposite the Diamond Plaza center. (27x7 ATM)
  • CB Bank, corner of 78th and 33 Street, Diamond Plaza center. (ATM)
  • MCB Bank (Myanmar Citizens Bank), corner of 27th and 81st Street.
    Money exchange in Mandalay around the SE-corner of the citadel
  • CB Bank, Corner of 66th Street and 27th (Near Sedona Hotel)
  • Farmer money exchange, 30 street and 65 Street.
  • Zone Express Tours, 27th St. between 66-68th (next to Sedona Hotel) - they also change less pristine notes.
    In Mandalay at the Kywel Sel Kan/Chan Mya Shwe Pyi Bus Station.
  • KBZ Bank exchange at the North-south Highway 1 near the main bus station.


Nyaung Shwe - Inle lake Money exchange

  • AGD Bank, Yone Gyi Street, close to the market
  • KBZ Bank next to the market. (ATM)
  • Exchange service next to the AGD bank.
  • The Supermarket on Yone Gyi Street, opposite market

supermarket NyaungShwe
The Supermarket on Yone Gyi Street, NyaungShwe. Help yourself!


Nyaung-U / BAGAN Money exchange

  • KBZ Bank - Anawrahta / airport road intersection. (ATM)
  • AGD Bank - exchange office and ATM at restaurant road.
  • In New-Bagan: the Yadana Mart (supermarket)


    Money exchange in Bago
  • CB Bank Money Change, No-9, Min Road, North Zainganaing Qtr.


    Money exchange in Mawlamyine (Moulmein)
  • KBZ Bank and AGD Bank - Strand Road, North of market (ATM)
  • Money changers on Lower Main road, North of market (KBZ Bank, ATM)


    Money exchange in Hsipaw
  • KBZ Bank Money Change (ATM)


    Money exchange in Ngapali Beach
  • Two KBZ ATMs on Ngapali Beach road. Several more ATMs of other banks.
  • KBZ Bank at the Thandwe airport and in Thandwe village


    Money exchange in Ngwe Saung Beach
  • Bay of Bengal Resort exchange service, Ngwe Saung Beach.
  • KBZ Bank at the main road out of Ngwe Saung village.


    Money exchange in Sittwe
  • AYA Bank, No(167), Yupa Taung Quarter,Sittwe Road. (ATM)
  • CB Bank Money Change, No. (Lama/35), Main Road.
  • KBZ Bank, No (10), Main Rd. (ATM)
    Money exchange in Mrauk-U
  • KBZ Bank, U Ottama Street. (ATM)

AGD bank in NyaungShwe
The AGD bank in Nyaung Shwe, Inle lake.

ATM locations in smaller towns/villages.

Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw have many ATMs around town. CB Bank will double its number of ATMs in 2017 and perhaps catch up with KBZ bank. These are the ATMs in smaller tourism destinations.



Nyaung U : KBZ Bank 3 ATMs. AGD Bank at the Thante Hotel and on restaurant road.

ATM on the Bagan - Nyaung-U road at Wetkyi-In village (Near Shwezigon pagoda)

New-Bagan : AYA bank ATM, MOB bank ATM, CB-bank 2 ATMs. KBZ Bank 4 ATMs.

Old-Bagan : AGD Bank at the Bagan Golden Palace museum and Sarabha II restaurant.

And several ATMs in luxury resorts/hotels throughout Bagan.


Bago : KBZ Bank on Shwemawdaw Pagoda Street; CB bank on Min Road.

Dawei : KBZ Bank at 14 Neikban (Niban) Street; CB Bank on Arzarni road.

Hpa-An : KBZ Bank on Zay Tan Street.

Hsipaw : KBZ Bank, MAB Bank.

Kalaw : KBZ Bank.

Kengtung : KBZ Bank, Zay Dan Loang Street. CB Bank, next to market.

Lashio : KBZ Bank, Ga-12/1, Bogyoke St, Lashio.

Loikaw : KBZ Bank, AYA bank and ATMs south of the Clock Tower.

Meiktila : CB Bank, town center near Clock Tower; KBZ bank; AYA bank.

Mawlamyine : Many ATMs, some along Strand Road. A few ATMs at the Ocean Supercenter shopping mall.

Mrauk-U : KBZ Bank, U Ottama Street.

Myeik : AGD Bank on Bogyoke road and Ayerwaddy Bank nearby.

Nyaung Shwe : KBZ Bank and AGD Bank, both near the market. CB bank at the canal road.

Pindaya : KBZ Bank, Shwe Oo Min Pagoda St (At the NW corner of the lake)

Pyin U Lwin : KBZ bank, MEB Bank and CB Bank on the Mandalay - Lashio main road.

Pyay : KBZ bank, AGD Bank, Lanmadaw Street,

Pathein : KBZ bank, AGD Bank, CB Bank.

Taunggyi : KBZ Bank, Bogyoke Aung San Rd; CB Bank, Bogyoke Aung San Rd.


ATM locator around Beaches and Border towns.

Ngapali : A number of ATMs along the main road that runs parallel to the beach.

Ngwe Saung : KBZ Bank in Emerald Sea Resort and Ngwe Saung Yacht Resort.

Kawthaung : CB Bank and KBZ bank on the main street. (border town with Ranong)

Myawaddy : Several ATMs in Myawaddy. (border town with Mae Sot)

Tachileik : Several ATMs in Tachileik/Tachilek. (border town with Mae Sai)


*] Note on ATMs : All cash machines mentioned here are connected to the Cirrus/Maestro/Mastercard network. The maximum withdrawal is 300.000 Kyats per transaction and 3 withdrawals per day.

NOTE: 300.000 Kyats is only about 220 US dollars! (2017)

CB-bank ATM service fee is 6500 Kyat (5 Dollars); ATM list: http://www.cbbank.com.mm

KBZ bank service fee is 5000 Kyat (about 4 Dollars); ATM list: http://www.kbzbank.com

The Blocking of Burma.

One important caveat is the blocking of electronic payments: even if you find a functioning ATM cash machine, some banks still block payments to Burma.

For example in 2016 bank cards from ANZ bank, Banco Santander, TSB bank (UK), Bank of Scotland and Westpac NZ were blocked. Westpac Australia bank cards work OK though. Check with your bank to make sure your bank card works in Burma, or use a creditcard instead. And bring cash money as a backup.


Credit cards and ATMs

Most credit cards work in ATMs. Credit cards are also accepted by major hotels and can be used for booking them, and most airlines can also be booked with credit cards. However, don't count on always being able to use you credit cards even if staying in mid-range or rather posh hotels - Myanmar is not a modern country by any means and Cash is king.


The Kyat is a non-convertible currency!

Note that the Kyat is a non-convertible currency and cannot be imported or exported out of the country. Kyats cannot be exchanged anywhere outside of Myanmar.

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